Soil Health: Indicators of Soil Management for Vegetable Cultivation under the Clove Plant

Buhari Umasugi

Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khairun Ternate, Indonesia.

Amiruddin Teapon

Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khairun Ternate, Indonesia.

Suratman Sudjud *

Department of Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khairun Ternate, Indonesia.

Gunawan Hartono

Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khairun Ternate, Indonesia.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Low soil health indicates poor productivity soil optimal for supporting agricultural businesses because it will reduce the production of agricultural commodities for vegetable crop farmers in Ternate City which are carried out under plantation crops. This study aims to determine the level of soil health of vegetable farms under clove plantations. Field observation methods and laboratory analysis were carried out to observe the characteristics of the land (soil and plants) which became the research variables. The drill and soil profile approach is used in observing and taking soil samples. Research data were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively by using a scale (scoring value) and then determined the level of soil health of agricultural land in the study location. Soil variables observed were physical properties (including soil morphology), chemical properties soil, and soil biological properties. The results showed that the level of soil health on vegetable farms under clove stands in Tobololo Village was in the medium (53-58%) and high (63-67%) classes. Soil health indicators which are variables that affect the decline in the value of soil health on vegetable farms under clove stands are C-organic, base saturation, total nitrogen, and available potassium. The provision of organic matter, nitrogen, and potassium fertilizers will increase base saturation as well as soil fertility and health.

Keywords: Soil health indicators, soil characteristics, soil health, vegetable crops

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Umasugi, B., Teapon , A., Sudjud, S., & Hartono, G. (2023). Soil Health: Indicators of Soil Management for Vegetable Cultivation under the Clove Plant. Asian Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 9(2), 29–35.


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