The Efficiency of Calcium Boron and Carpox-K Sprays on Fruit Quality of Washington Navel Orange Trees

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A. A. EL- Khwaga
F. M. Abd El- Latif
M. H. M. Baiea
S. F. EL- Gioushy


This research was conducted during seasons 2018 & 2019 on nine-years-old Washington navel orange trees. These trees were grafted on Sour orange rootstock, planted at 5 x 5 meters apart, under surface irrigation conditions, in a private orchard at Manzala village, Toukh region, Qalubia Governorate, Egypt. The seven treatments were used for comparison as follows: T1-100% of chemical NPK (NPK fertilization program adopted at 5, 3 and 1 kg/tree from (NH4)2SO4, superphosphate and K2SO4, respectively) according to the Ministry of Agriculture Recommendation (Control or recommended doses RD). T2-RD+Calcium boron 2 cm3 /L; T3-RD+Calcium boron 3 cm3/L; T4-RD+Carpox-K 1g/L; T5-RD+Carpox-K 1.5g/L; T6-RD+Calcium boron 2 cm3 /L +Carpox-K 1g/L, and T7-RD+Calcium boron 3 cm3/L +Carpox-K 1.5g/L.  The main goal of this investigation was directed towards increasing Washington navel orange fruit quality. The obtained data revealed that all investigated treatments increased fruit quality parameters (physical and chemical properties). However, T7- RD + Calcium boron 3 cm3 /L + Carpox-K 1.5g/L was statistically superior. On the contrary, T1- Control or recommended doses (RD) ranked statistically the lowest treatment in this concern. From the obtained results, It can be concluded that the use of RD+ Calcium boron 3 cm3 / L + Carpox-K 1.5g / L or RD+ Calcium boron 2 cm3/ L + Carpox-K 1g / L could be safely recommended under similar environmental and horticultural practises adopted in this experiment.

Washington navel orange, calcium boron, Carpox-K and fruit quality.

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Khwaga, A. A. E.-, Latif, F. M. A. E.-, Baiea, M. H. M., & Gioushy, S. F. E.-. (2020). The Efficiency of Calcium Boron and Carpox-K Sprays on Fruit Quality of Washington Navel Orange Trees. Asian Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 6(4), 23-31.
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