Effect of Dried Algae and N Fertilizers to Soil Chemical Properties and the Yield of Amaranthus (Amaranthus cruentus) on Ultisols Southeastern Nigeria

E. O. Azu, Donatus, V. E. Osodeke, O. U. Nwanja

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Physical-chemical Characterization and Microbial Activity of Alternative Substrates for Arugula Cultivation (Eruca sativa Mill.)

G. M. B. Bohm, S. M. Schwanz, S. L. Lanius, E. B. de Moraes, T. Morsele

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Variation in Soil Physical and Chemical Properties as Affected by Three Slope Positions and Their Management Implications in Ganye, North-Eastern Nigeria

S. A. Gisilanbe, H. J. Philip, R. I. Solomon, E. E. Okorie

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Morphology, Physicochemical Characterisation and Erodibility of Soils of Boboyo (Far - North Cameroon)

Souoré Irène, Nguetnkam Jean Pierre, Yongue Fouateu Rose

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Influence of Natural Alternative NPK and Bio-fertilizations on Vegetative Growth and Nutritional Status of Young Wonderful Pomegranate Trees

M. H. M. Baiea, M. A. Abdel Gawad-Nehad, A. Abedelkhalek

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