Growth and Yield Performance of Some Lowland Rice Varieties Applied with Different Rates of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers

Nonilona P. Daquiado

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Influence of the Potato Production System in the Soil Suppressiveness to Bacterial Wilt

Juliana Zucolotto, Carlos F. Ragassi, Carlos A. Lopes, Fernando A. Piotto, Paulo C. T. de Melo

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Amendment of Acidic Soil with Lime and Manure for Enhancing Fertility, Nutrient Uptake and Yield of Wheat-Mungbean-Monsoon Rice in the Old Himalayan Piedmont Plain

Begom Samia Sultana, Musharraf Hossain Mian, M. Jahiruddin, M. Mazibur Rahman, Md. Noor E. Alam Siddique, Jakia Sultana

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Ameliorative Effects of Potassium on the Salinity Stress in Plants: A Review

S. A. A. El Sayed, F. A. Hellal, Nadia Gad El–Rab, R. M. Zewainy

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